Open Monday to Saturday. Please note: No reception cover Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning.

Full Body Skin Checks and Single Lesion Spot Checks

  • Full Body Skin Checks: all your moles, skin lesions and sun-damaged areas on your body are examined using a Dermatoscope – a device with polarized and non-polarized light and a magnifying lens that allows viewing of skin structures invisible to the naked eye. If a lesion looks suspicious then it is photographed using the MoleMate Skin imaging System so we can show you why it looks suspicious.
  • Single Lesion Spot Checks: this normally involves the patient showing us the lesion they are concerned about because it may have changed or is new and we examine it with the Dermatoscope and photograph it using the MoleMate Skin imaging System. These are generally quick appointments (5-10mins) which allow us to see a lot of patients within a short time frame, usually one week.

Full Body Skin Check

Consultation 20 mins
Adults & Children € 130.00

Single Lesion Spot Check

Consultation 5-10 mins
Adults & Children/b> € 80.00

Surgical Procedures

Please note: Our doctors are non-participating members of VHI, Irish Life and Laya. This simply means that you can pay for the procedure upfront to SkinCheck, you are issued with a receipt that you submit to your insurance company which will enable you to claim some of the money back. All policies are different so please check before you book a procedure.

Alternatively, we are happy to refer you onwards to a public or private hospital for the procedure depending on where you are covered.

We are unable to perform procedures at the same time as the initial consultation due to time constraints.

Procedures are only carried out in the Bayside Clinic, usually on a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday afternoon

Complete Removal of a Mole or Skin Lesion

Price € 350.00
Includes pathology and follow-up for removal of stitches.
All specimens excised are sent to the Mater Hospital for histological examination and the report is sent back to SkinCheck in about two weeks.

Punch Biopsy of a Lesion to Obtain Diagnosis

Price € 200.00
Includes pathology. Generally, only paper stitches are required.
All specimens excised are sent to the Mater Hospital for histological examination and the report is sent back to SkinCheck in about two weeks.

Complicated Procedures


Suspicious lesions on sensitive areas such as the nose, ears, face, as well as larger lesions, are generally excised by our Plastic Surgery colleagues Mr. Fuan Chan who works in the Blackrock Clinic and The Beacon Hospital and Ms. Yasmin Ismail who works out of The Beacon Hospital. We have a close working relationship with them both and they generally tend to see our patients very quickly.

Other Procedures


  • Skin Tag Removal
  • Mole Removal for Cosmetic Reasons
Prices can be discussed with our doctors during the initial consultation..